Smeg Showroom

This project was a showroom design for a homewares brand. This showroom is a single level 10,000 sq ft space that is composed of ten separate smaller rooms that show off Smeg’s appliances as they would exist in both residential and commercial settings. There are separate “pod” type rooms so that buyers can fully immerse themselves in the experience of each space, which includes kitchen and laundry rooms to feature all of Smeg’s products. In the center of the showroom pods, there is a focal point refrigerator wall which shows off the different sizes and finishes of all of the retro style refrigerators. This serves as the “back wall” for a casual lounge space that would be an area where salespeople and buyers can go over options and deals in a more personal setting. There is also a conference room for formal presentations as well as an office space for salespeople, which is linked to the reception area via a closet which will house all of the necessary stationary and supplies for the showroom.


My responsibilities for this project included design, rendering, and creating the presentation. This project was an independent school project and is not affiliated with Smeg.