Senior Capstone: The Way of the Mandalore

This project is my senior capstone project from my final semester in the Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. The project is a reimagined activation for New York Comic Con using Star Wars: The Mandalorian as the subject.

This was a multi part project based on research that I conducted. It is proven that multi-day attendance to media conventions such as New York Comic Con has decreased drastically due to the high cost of tickets and attendees ability to accomplish all of their goals with a single day pass. The activation I designed is a booth with new experiences and takeaways each day of the convention, serving as a model to the other activations to provide a new incentive to convention attendees to return more than once, thus requiring increased purchases for multi-day passes.


A full presentation of this project, the research, and visual deliverables is available for viewing below. This project was an independent school project and is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm Ltd., or New York Comic Con. 

exhibition_model 2020-05-15 14150600000.