Moschino Display

This project was a display to show off the Moschino mini dresses that would be on the interior of a retail store. The concept behind the display is based on the graphic slogan on the front of the dress. The heart bag unifies the two mannequins and mimics the heart graphic. 

The background was made of individual magazine pages from different publications such as Vogue, InStyle, and even the People Style section. It combines editorial as well as advertisement pages and creates a symbolic representation of what the fashion industry has become. This was an intentional choice as much of Moschino’s design aesthetic is rooted in irony, and being a high fashion brand itself, this pokes fun at Moschino’s own self, thus taking ownership of any potential criticism. 

This was a group project made in collaboration with Armando Cedillo Rodriguez, Glen Mosher, and Chumou Zhang. My particular responsibilities of this project included designing and fabricating the backdrop, dressing and placing the mannequins, and directing the content capture. This project was an independent school project and is not affiliated with Moschino or any of the publications and brands represented.