This project was an exhibition that was put on by the Fashion Institute of Technology's Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design class of 2020 in their 6th semester. Each student was assigned a hat and 

required to design a unique headform to present their hat. I aided the branding design, installation, and display of the entire exhibition.


My responsibilities of the branding design included the logo, typography, and signage. Along with their project each student submitted a quote they felt related to the exhibition. I chose which quotes

would be featured on the windows of the exhibition and how they would be displayed. After the designs were finalized, I oversaw the installation of all the vinyl components. I also aided the professors in determining the layout of the exhibition.


We carefully built and arranged the pedestals that held the student projects. This exhibition was on display in the FIT Pomerantz Lobby and was visited

by the school's President and Board of Directors.